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The Soccer for Life Foundation was formed to make access to sports a reality for families who otherwise cannot afford the experience. With its "no player left behind" attitude, the foundation seeks to equalize opportunity for all. Our goal is to make sure that each and every child in Boulder County has the opportunity to experience the benefits of soccer. The worlds most popular sport provides mental and physical health benefits that should be accessible for all. Each child in Boulder County should have the chance to reap the benefits of teamwork, competition, friendship, health, and most importantly..FUN! The Soccer for Life Foundation continues to work hard, everyday, to raise the necessary funds to make this all possible. Donations are turned into scholarships to play soccer for our local non-profit soccer clubs. Donations are are also used to pay the wonderful coaches and mentors a living wage. Finally, donations pay for soccer balls, nets, facilities, and equipment. 

Actions Toward Our Just Cause:
The Soccer For Life Foundation

Using soccer to enrich the lives and future pathways of young people in our community.

Through the development of creative soccer programming, fundraising, and community education, all young people in our community will have access to the transformative power of soccer as a fundamental element of their lives.


Financial Scholarships

Growing Women's Soccer 

Supporting Coaches 


The Soccer for Life Foundation was formed to make access to sports a reality for families who otherwise cannot afford the experience. With a "no player left behind"attitude, the Foundation believes that sport participation is an equity issue.  Our goal is to ensure that every child in Boulder County has the opportunity to experience the benefits of the world's most popular game in a psychologically safe environment -- i.e., the friendships, teamwork, physical and mental health protection, positive sense of competition, and most importantly... Joy. The Soccer for Life Foundation is committed to raise the necessary funds to realize this vision -- to make it possible for all children in our community to play soccer. Donations and related fundraising efforts are converted to registration scholarships and allocated toward other costs  associated with providing soccer experiences for children -- equipment, facility rental, coaching education and support.

The Soccer For Life Foundation is committed to influencing the growth of the game for girls and women in our region. This is particularly true for the Latinx community in which girls' participation in organized soccer falls well behind that of boys.  There is necessary and fruitful work to be done to address cultural norms and perceptions about girls' soccer participation, and to continue developing additional pathways for girls -- across the economic and cultural landscapes -- to participate in organized soccer programs.   It is toward a reduction in that disparity of opportunity that the work of the foundation will be focused.  Through educational campaigns, access to women mentors and models, girls-only camps and programs that create safe environments for girls to enter the game, and in general greater access to advanced programs and training, the Foundation will work with local partners to achieve success within this central priority area of focus.  

The Soccer For Life Foundation recognizes the vital role that coaches play in creating the contexts through which positive youth development occurs.  Soccer -- the most ubiquitous game in the world -- has been the environment in which so many young people have grown under the mentoring of great coaches.  Despite the rewards and fulfillment available to coaches, however, it is simply the case that there are not enough -- the soccer community across this country needs support in recruiting, educating, and retaining coaches.  It is toward that great need that the Foundation provides financial resources, professional development opportunities, and other tangible support to our local soccer club partners in their efforts to recruit and retain the best and brightest role models for young people in the game.  A significant challenge in this process is working to raise salaries that allow promising coaches to remain in the game.  Fundraising efforts to supplement coaching stipends is a primary objective of the work of the Foundation.   



Enriching lives, building character, improving health and wellness. 


It's an equity issue


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