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Breaking Barriers to Participation:


Participation... We know the benefits, the joy, the potential for growth.  We also know the greatest barrier to sharing in the richness to be found in the game is financial.  As the costs incurred by our club partners continue to escalate (facility rentals, association dues, referees, uniforms, paid coaches, etc.), the simple truth is that, without financial assistance, many young people in our community are locked out of experiencing the joy and growth opportunities through the game.

The cost of playing soccer ranges greatly... from $75 for a young child to experience grass roots, community based recreational programming, to several thousand dollars for the elite, college-bound player who seek exposure by playing in front of college and professional coaches.

Attend a camp... play on a team... experience a tournament.  Your direct contribution allows a child to play, to pursue a dream, to explore the limits their athletic and personal potential.  You can make the difference.


Can you help?
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